Criminal defense lawyer Rokahr in Hannover, Germany

We are interested in what has been done
so that we know what to do.

In the interest of our clients we try to avoid legal disputes from criminal law if possible, without avoiding them.


The quality of our range of services is based on continuous knowledge expansion, scientific foundation and the will to satisfy the interests of our clients in all circumstances. In doing so, we maintain every mandate relationship through expertise, prudence and constant commitment. Your criminal law problem is in good hands with us. We protect your rights and interests against state intervention in all areas of criminal law.

Lawyer Rokahr represents your legal interests in all stages of a criminal procedure in Hannover, Lower Saxony and nationwide in Germany.

Whether in administrative offense proceedings, in fine proceedings or in criminal proceedings, at the stage of the preliminary investigation, the already issued penalty order, charged indictment or the main proceedings opened, as well as in custody, (pre-trial) detention and juvenile justice, in all areas of criminal law: Lawyer Rokahr defends your legal interests. For this purpose, we have an emergency number (+49151 – 67793046) which can be reached exclusively around the clock. During business hours, please contact us via (+49511 – 45 97 805).

If you are already suspected as a defendant or defendant of a criminal offense in Germany, we advise the following note urgently:

 1. Be quiet

As an accused you always have the right to remain silent. Make sure you use it. Do not even get involved in „nice chats“ with the officials, such conversations are not conducted out of courtesy. And do not pass out passwords for cell phones, computers, hard drives, etc. You are never obliged to do so, even if someone else tells you something else or if he offers a milder sentence. You only have to provide information about yourself (name, age, residence, etc.).  Do not say a word before talking to a criminal defense lawyer.

2. Contact a lawyer

Contacting a lawyer / criminal lawyer will never be prohibited.  The contact interview and an initial assessment to the lawyer is free. In special cases, a mandatory defense is also considered. Then (initially) the state pays the attorney’s fees. In this case, you are necessarily looking for a lawyer yourself, you have the right to do so. On the other hand, you get a public defender chosen by the court, which is often anything but good.

3. Keep calm

Nothing is less helpful now than to panic. Then you not only commit mistakes often, it also leads to loss of control. These can represent further crimes.

4. Call a criminal defense lawyer in Germany

If you are already in custody, all rights listed here apply equally. And then you usually have a right to a (self-chosen) lawyer.

5. Please internalize rule number 1 again

Do not say a word before talking to a criminal defense lawyer. Contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible. We are happy to help you with all criminal charges against you. Here you get in touch with us.

Last but not least: A translation of the German Criminal Code for you.

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